Our Vision


To build a national Indigenous owned business that delivers training and jobs to Indigenous people, closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees.


Be respectful to ourselves, others and the diverse culture and heritage of the places in which we live and work
INTEGRITY A fair and honest approach in all our dealings
  Honouring our commitments
  Responding positively to others
ACCOUNTABILITY        Each of us "getting it right and on time"
COURAGE Willingness to "have a go" and find better ways
PRIDE In our people, equipment and work
RECOGNITION Of individual and team performance and supporting personal growth
COMMUNITY contributes to our Indigenous communities and stays true to their values


Our goal is to be the best indigenous contractors in Australia.

What this means to us is:

  • Being the contractor that clients and partners want to work with
  • Being the contractor that the best people want to work for
  • Achieving operational excellence through industry best practice
  • Creating the best environment to enable our people to succeed
  • Providing the best solutions to meet our clients' needs